8 Things to Know About Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Metal fabrication is the process of building metal structures. It is done by bending, cutting and assembling. Fabricating metal helps in creating customized metal structures which are then used for different purposes.

Sheetmetal is the basic form of metalworking job which involves cutting and bending the metal in various forms. Sheetmetal is an important raw material component which is used for different type of applications. Metal fabrication is a complex process. There are different professionals involved in doing sheet metal fabrication. There are fabrication shops or fab shops in which these sheetmetals are fabricated. Technically speaking, sheetmetal fabrication is a process in which a piece of metal sheet is given a shape by cutting or deforming. Here are some 8 important things to know about sheet metal manufacturing:

  1. There is no clear definition with regards to how much should be the thickness of the metal sheet. But roughly a sheetmetal is between the range of 0.006 to 0.25 inches.
  2. Metals like Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Magnesium etc. can all be converted into sheetmetal.
  3. The sheet metal can be customized into any shape. It can be cut, bent or stretched as per the requirement. There are different welding techniques used as well in sheetmetal fabrication. Sheet metal can be of any size. They are used for different applications. They can used in something which is as small as washer or as big as an aircraft. Other applications where sheet metals are used include consumer durables, automobiles, furniture etc.
  4. Sheet metal parts are durable. They can be used for creating proto-types as well as for end-use.
  5. They are built on on-demand. It is possible to up-scale or down-scale the production of sheet metals depending on the requirement.
  6. Nowadays, there is tough competition among many metal manufacturers to provide sheetmetals in quick turnaround time. Some guarantee providing instant quotes as well as turnaround time of between 10-15 business days.
  7. Sheet metals which are made of steel are used widely in construction sector as they provide good strength and are corrosion resistant. They have light weight which as compared to other metals which makes them easy to carry and install.
  8. Sheet metal can be custom finished through variety of different processes like powder coating, painting, anodizing etc.

The future of sheetmetal fabrication seems bright. The only challenge lies in all fabricators coming together for a common cause as the metal fabricated industry is pretty much fabricated. Many small fabricators do not have proper knowledge about sheetmetal fabrication. Some even do not know the basics of materials science. This results in wastage of capital invested for the project and creates excessive scrap.

Through collaborating with each other, many sheetmetal fabricators can improve the overall processes of fabrication. They just need to share their knowledge and expertise with each other. High strength steel and availability of other materials has helped fabricators in manufacturing good quality sheetmetals.